The Biotechnology Centre (BTC) is one of the research centres of BNARI with a track record of innovative research and development work in the area of plant biotechnology and molecular biology. The Centre is involved mainly in the application of tissue culture and molecular biology technology for crop improvement Unit.

The Centre is made up of two units namely; Tissue Culture Unit and Molecular biology.

The Tissue Culture Unit (TCU) specializes in:

  • Commercial scale rapid multiplication of disease-free planting materials
  • In vitro conservation of elite germplasm
  • Crop improvement through the use of in vitro mutagenesis

The Molecular Biology Unit (MBU) focuses on:

  • Molecular marker assisted and mutation breeding
  • Molecular Plant Pathology studies
  • Molecular microbiology studies

Both the TCU and MBU engage in training of local and international students in basic tissue culture and molecular biology techniques.