The Centre was established as Department of Animal Science in 1995, one of the first Departments under BNARI with the mandate to carry out research and development in nuclear and biotechnology applications in animals including insect pests, livestock and veterinary science. Later, during the restructuring that resulted in the change of Departments to Centre, the name became Radiation Entomology and Pest Management Centre. REPMC was given a new mandate to carry out research and development into pest control solutions using nuclear, biotechnology and related techniques.


Our vision is to become a Centre of Excellence and one of the foremost Centres of Reference in area-wide integrated pest management on the African continent, where biotechnology and nuclear techniques are applied alongside other compatible strategies to solve major pest and disease vector problems.


Currently the centre carries out research and development activities on three major insects: fruit flies, fall armyworm and mosquitoes. Research efforts are focused on solving major national problems posed by these insects.


In addition to entomological research, REPMC also has oversight responsibility on the BNARI Veterinary Clinic and the Livestock Production Unit of the Institute. The former provides veterinary services to the surrounding communities and the latter focuses on poultry and pig production aimed at contributing to food and nutrition security. Both units also carry out some research and development activities.